Shoulder Pain

Did you know that your shoulder is the most moved joint in your body?  Did you know it has the greatest range of motion of any other joint?

Chronic pain in your shoulder can have many causes such as an injury, overuse,  or even sleeping on your side.

When should you make an appointment to see us?

          1. When you've had pain for more than 3 months. 

          2. When you can't use your arm/shoulder for normal daily activities.

          3. If you have weakness/numbness in your arm or hand.

          4. If you do not have normal range of motion.

What are we going to do different than the treatments you've already had?  We are going to find and treat the CAUSE of your chronic shoulder pain.  We will do this by doing an orthopedic/neurological examination to determine if your pain is coming from bone, ligaments, muscles or nerves.  When we define the CAUSE we are able to help your body HEAL.  We do this without using drugs, injections or surgery.